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Hello! I am bear artist Soyo SATO live in Tokyo Japan.I designing all the patterns by myself, creating OOAK teddies. I like natural materials for teddy bears. mohair,cotton,linen,wood,glass,silk...and so on!
My big teddy is like a baby.My bears are Soft,feel warm.May every day be filled with love.
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Debuted in July 2014

2014, Jul Japan "Japan teddy bear contest" Silver prize
2015, Apr Germany "GoldenGeorge" category 9 inspiration nominee
Mar UK "ITBAA" miniature department second place
2016, Mar JAPAN "Craft Art doll contest" Ginza Musuem Chika Ota Award
   Apr Germany "GoldenGeorge" category 1 classical bear Winner
Sep France "Gueules de Miel" bronze prize
2017 Jan "TOBY Industry choice award" Winner
Feb "Goalden george" Master class Winner

~About Soyo~
When Soyo Sato was a child, her parents gave her a photobook and a large teddy bear that could barely fit in the bed with her as a gift. She also bought a foreign book of teddy bears which came with paper patterns that she found herself. She became an adult and met one famous painter. The painter provided her who was an oil paint artist at the time a place for creation in the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum and contributed her study abroad in Paris. One day, on the way to the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, she found a teddy bear class in Yanaka, Tokyo. This was the beginning of her teddy bear production. Although the creation of teddy bears was initially carried out between her painting productions, creating bears now occupies much large portion of her time compared to paintings. Soyo is now married, spends every day with her many adorable pets and enjoys creating works. Her husband helps her with the non-creative side of work as a manager. He is responsible for the website, business cards, tags, the areas other than the teddy bear production, and also naming of teddy bears. Soyo shows finished teddy bears to her husband first and he gives them names. Her husband also is knowledgeable in the mythology of the world which she is not familiar with, and often gives her advice. She takes a reference to the motif he suggests if she is interested in, and the couple shares their enjoyment in this way. To look for material for her creation, the couple goes to their favourite antique shop. The shop is filled with handmade material that is finer and more elaborate than modern material, and gives her motivation to create. Creating bears while thinking of the periodical background of material is one of the things she enjoys. Although the teddy bear culture is not yet widespread in Japan, we wish her artistry, her view of the world and her teddy bears will be conveyed to many people.

Artist: Soyo Sato Advisory
Main country of operation: Japan Production status: Active
Dates recorded so far: Earliest July2014 (exact)

Each one of teddy bears is handmade of myself. They are very delicate as some of them are made using antique material. Also, since some small parts for accessories etc. are used in bears, please be careful that small children will not swallow them when they play with the bear.

Thank you for looking at my teddy bears and friends!xx Soyo

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